Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices. Applications can be pre-installed on mobiles during manufacturing. On the other hand apps can deliver as web applications using server-side or client-side processing to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web browser.
EdCloud designed the best Course for students those are interested in learning the mobile application development across multiple platforms including ios and android. After completing this mobile application development course in Zirakpur, you will understand how to develop mobile application using as Objective-C (for iPhone Mobile Application Development), Java and Eclipse (for Android mobile Application Development) as well as combined with SDK(Software Development Kit) and by using 3rd party libraries such as Phone gap and Jquery libraries.

Course Content

Pre-requisites:  10+2 or equivalent
Duration:           6 Months

Module 1 – Building of user interface designs

  • Basics and principles of mobile UI design
  • Designing layout with sketching concept
  • Creating low definition wireframe for design
  • Prototyping with wireframes
  • Creating high definition layout from the wireframes
  • Logo and splash screen design
  • Screens for login, search, wishlist, registration, featured products, and settings
  • Designing of navigation bar
  • Developing of app icon and other icons

Module 2 – Basic understand of C/C++ and JAVA

  • Introduction to C/C++
  • Basic coding C/C++ to understanding of programming technique
  • Core Java
    • Basic Coding with Variables and Data Types
    • Loops & control structure
    • Objects, classes & methods
    • Introduction to OOPS
    • Inheritance overview
    • Polymorphism overview
    • Encapsulation overview
    • String methods
    • Exception & Error handling

Module 3 – Android Application Development

  • Introduction to Android
  • Setting up the Development environment
  • Configuring the Emulator
  • Setting up the project and understanding the file structure
  • xml and file
  • Creating layout/activity based on different mobile screen size
  • Relative, linear, table & Grid Layout
  • Working with widgets like button, toast, switch, image, spinner, date picker, progress bar
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Implicit and explicit Intent
  • Fragment lifecycle
  • Working with data Adaptors
  • Working with Grid, Web, Scroll, search, list views
  • Android service life cycle
  • Data storage with shared preference, internal and SQLite
  • Working with SOAP, XML and JSON APIs
  • Android Notification implementation
  • Graphics, audio, video and gallery implementation
  • How to use drawable and Animation apis
  • Location and GPS API
  • Bluetooth, WiFi & Camera APIs interface
  • Sensor APIs like Motion, position and compass sensor
  • Google Map API implementation

Module 4 – iOS Application Development

  • Introduction to iOS
  • XCode installation and configuration
  • MVC Architecture understanding
  • Application design process
  • Basic programming with swift
    • Variables and Data Types
    • Operators and expressions
    • Flow control & Functions
    • Basics of OOPS concept with swift
    • Introduction to swift classes & extensions
    • Array & dictionary collections
    • Error handling in swift
  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture
  • Introduction to interface builder
  • Auto Layout in interface builder
  • Storyboard in XCode
  • Using Size Classes to Design Adaptable Universal iOS User Interfaces
  • Implementing page-based iOS app using UIPageViewController
  • Multitasking in iOS
  • Working with Files input/output
  • Using iCloud Storage in an iOS Application
  • Database Implementation using SQLite of iOS
  • Multitouch, Taps and Gestures of iOS
  • iOS Animation using Core Animation
  • Accessing the iOS Camera and Photo Library
  • Playing Audio on iOS using AVAudioPlayer
  • XML and JSON API Implementation

Module 5 – Hybrid App development with HTML and jQuery Framework

  • Introduction to PhoneGap
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, JS & JQuery
  • Downloading and installing PhoneGap
  • Setting up the environment
  • GUI Designing
    • Intro to jQuery Mobile
    • jQuery Mobile layout
    • jQuery Mobile Form Controls & Grid
  • Hardware APIs interfacing using Javascript
  • Accessing device camera
  • Accessing accelerometer
  • Notifications & alerts
  • Splash screen
  • SQLite Database handling using JavaScript for storage
  • Working with media files
  • Accessing information from device
  • Crating PhoneGap Build
    • Adobe build platform
    • Setting up properties for platform
    • Adding icon and splash screen
    • building application for iPhone or Android

Module 6 – Publishing the App on the stores

  • Creating App as live project
  • Publishing the App on appropriate store
  • How to Start your business online
  • Job assistance
  • Interview tips with resume building

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