Multimedia Master

Best Multimedia Course in Zirakpur

EdCloud Academy is the best ‘Animation and Multimedia’ Institute offering a high-quality professional Animation Course in Zirakpur. Hence, ‘Multimedia Master’ program is the best career choice for creative people who want to make a career in VFX, graphic design, UI design, 3D animation, 2D animation, layout artists, concept artist, character designer and many more.
‘Multimedia Master’ program will help students to work on, Creating digital images for the purpose of animation, Creating artwork for video games, Creating animated sequences, Editing and manipulating audio/video files digitally, Developing digital animations, software Designing, Imaging and presentations, Making and Publishing of add films, Short films, and documentaries, games, audio & video clips, Designing Internet applications using multimedia software, tools, and utilities.

Course Content

Pre-requisites:  10+2 or equivalent
Duration:           12 Months

Module 1 – Pre-Production

Best Animation Course in Zirakpur

  • Introduction to graphics & animation
  • The principle of layout design
  • Fundamental of Graphics Design
  • The concept of still frame & Colour theory
  • Raster graphics & Vector illustration
  • Image editing/retouching
  • Manual/computerized Sketching
  • Storyboarding concepts
  • Creating Backgrounds, texture/patterns
  • Digital Painting & Matte Painting

Module 2 – 2D & 3D Animation Development

graphic designing course in zirakpur

  • Principle of animation
  • Inorganic & Organic Modelling
  • Model Buildings
  • Interiors & Exteriors Modelling
  • 3D Character Design & Modelling
  • Crating Textures & Materials
  • Material Mapping
  • Skinning a Character
  • Object Animation with Timeline
  • Camera Movement with Keyframes
  • Principles of Rigging
  • Mechanical & Character Rigging
  • Creating Expressions using Facial Rigging
  • Dynamics with the soft & rigid body mesh
  • Lighting Concepts
  • Understanding the direct, indirect, spot and focus light
  • Accurate Lighting Rigs
  • Ray Tracing Technique
  • Character animations with walk cycles
  • Camera Operation/Animations Techniques
  • Particles effects
  • still, frames & animations rendering techniques
  • Rendering with VRay technique

Module 3 – Post-Production

graphic designing course in zirakpur

  • Fundamental of Video Editing
  • Colour Transitions & corrections
  • Logo, Text Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Masking objects
  • Advanced Colour Keying
  • Creating 3D effects
  • Special Effects techniques in video
  • Camera Tracking Basics
  • Chroma, Grain & Wire removing technique
  • Rotoscope technique
  • Merging 3D with Live Footage
  • Creating VFX using After Effects Interface
  • Generating advanced particle effect
  • Rendering formats for various passes
  • FCP Interface Editing
  • Sound editing
  • Creating Short/Ad. Films

Module 4 – Web Publishing with interactive UI implantation

graphic designing course in zirakpur

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Responsive Design with Media Queries
  • Bootstrap Implementation
  • Digital Marketing

Module 5 – Entrepreneur in online business & Live Project with the portfolio

Best Animation Course in Zirakpur

  • What are domain and hosting
  • Website Publishing using FTP
  • Creating a Demo Reel
  • Portfolio building
  • How to Start your business online
  • Job assistance
  • Interview tips with resume building

Career Options in Multimedia

After completion the best Animation Course in Zirakpur, one can opt for different professions, such as graphic designer, layout artist, image editor, template artist, web designer & developer, audio/video editor, game designer, 3D animator, and presentation artist, in various industries.
Animation has become a lucrative field in India as the local market is growing at a fast pace. According to a recent FICCI report, the Indian animation industry is growing in excess of 20%.

Best Animation Course in Zirakpur: Students find employment with

  • Games development companies
  • Website development companies
  • Interface and Graphic Design firms
  • Film production companies
  • Music video organizations
  • TV networks
  • Online magazines & newspapers
  • Marketing companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Advertising companies
  • Public relations companies
  • IT companies
  • Self-employment

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