iOS development

iOS/iPhone Development Training Course in Zirakpur

EdCloud Academy in Zirakpur is providing course in iOS/iPhone Development for students and professionals, who are interested in iPhone app development and publishing on Apple Store.
iOS is a mobile operating system for Apple-manufactured devices like google is using android OS. iOS runs on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. In other words, iOS is underlying operating system that allows iPhone users to interact with their phones using gestures such as swiping, tapping and pinching.
iOS Development courses will teach you the basics of iOS apps development using Swift and basic understanding of C\C++. Therefore, the objective of this program is to give students an insight iPhone app development. As a result iOS development course will cover the Programming Language and framework of app development and hence will help students to understand the technique and concepts of iPhone Application Development.

Course Content

Pre-requisites:  10+2 or equivalent
Duration:            3/6 Months

Module 1 – Basic understand of C/C++

iOS/iPhone Development Course in zirakpur

  • Introduction to C/C++
  • Basic coding C/C++ to understanding of programming technique

Module 2 – iOS Application Development

iOS/iPhone Development Course in zirakpur

  • Introduction to iOS
  • XCode installation and configuration
  • MVC Architecture understanding
  • Application design process
  • Basic programming with swift
    • Variables and Data Types
    • Operators and expressions
    • Flow control & Functions
    • Basics of OOPS concept with swift
    • Introduction to swift classes & extensions
    • Array & dictionary collections
    • Error handling in swift
  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture
  • Introduction to interface builder
  • Auto Layout in interface builder
  • Storyboard in XCode
  • Using Size Classes to Design Adaptable Universal iOS User Interfaces
  • Implementing page-based iOS app using UIPageViewController
  • Multitasking in iOS
  • Working with Files input/output
  • Using iCloud Storage in an iOS Application
  • Database Implementation using SQLite of iOS
  • Multitouch, Taps and Gestures of iOS
  • iOS Animation using Core Animation
  • Accessing the iOS Camera and Photo Library
  • Playing Audio on iOS using AVAudioPlayer
  • XML and JSON API Implementation

Module 3 – Publishing the App on the stores

iOS/iPhone Development Course in zirakpur

  • Creating App as live project
  • Publishing the App on apple store
  • Job assistance
  • Interview tips with resume building


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